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Relationships do not always go as planned. After the wedding comes the reality of life. When that path leads to conflict that you may not be able to handle on your own, we offer Oak Tree Financial & Couple Mediation Service.

These services include:

One Last Look™: If persistent conflict exists, couples often assume the relationship is broken. Divorce is discussed and, if pursued, leads to a new level of complexity that most divorcing couples never anticipated.

One Last Look™ is not marriage counseling. It is a frank review of what divorce is to you. It is a look into a possible future after a divorce is final. It is a personal look at your financial issues and other questions that come up when people consider divorce. One Last Look™ also explores options besides divorce, many of which couples are not aware of or may not have considered.

For more information about One Last Look™, click here.


With decades of experience, patterns are observed with couples seeking divorce. These patterns are outside of their awareness until they are faced with the final reality as a divorced couple – yes, they are still a “couple” in a very real sense.

We put these simple truths in an eBook called
F-A-C-C-T. These stand for:

  • Family Reformation
  • Awareness
  • Communications
  • Commitment
  • Trust

To learn more and to download a “no-strings-not-even-an-email-address” copy of the eBook, simply click here.


There are many ways a couple can part. Heated conflict in court is, in our view, the very last option people should pursue.

Once couples understand F-A-C-C-T, they see that negotiation, seeking common goals that work, and building parenting plans that support the children is often the best, most economical, and most fruitful path forward. It leaves more money in your pockets at the end of the process and it allows your family to re-form into a more functional team.

To learn more about mediation and collaborative divorce, click here.