“Our process explores multiple options with a plan for your future, creating hope out of a situation that feels hopeless.”

-Armand & Robbin D'Alo



Divorce mediation specialists with over 30 years help you explore your divorce options using ONE LAST LOOK℠


ONE LAST LOOK is unique to Oak Tree Mediation, and was developed from our years of experience working with couples facing divorce.

It’s a process that allows couples to look at divorce before starting down that road. It’s a way to evaluate options, strategies and outcomes before starting the divorce process.

People coming in for divorce mediation have many questions, including:

  • Can we work this out?
  • Should we try again?
  • How will I live?
  • What about retirement?
  • How much is support going to be and how long will it last?

ONE LAST LOOK explores your unique relationship and how divorce will affect it. It gives you answers to these questions, and much more.



1. Assets and Liability:

  • What are your assets and liabilities.
  • How assets are valued and divided, and what that means to you.

2. Support Payments:

  • What might be expected in spousal and child support.
  • How payments can be structured.
  • Taxation of support payments.
  • Avoiding tax traps that could trigger penalties.
  • Options for changes in payments over time.

3. Retirement Plans:

  • Dividing a pension.
  • How one spouse can take a pension distribution without paying the 10% early withdrawal penalty.
  • Dividing public and government plans.
  • The difference between IRAs and pensions and how that impacts you.
  • Dividing stock options and bonus payments.

4. When A Business Is Involved:

  • How a business can be divided.
  • Structuring buy-out arrangements.
  • The reality of “double-dipping” into a business.

5. The Process of Divorce:

  • Structure of financial affidavits.
  • Rules about disclosure.
  • Concerns about hidden assets.