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Tax Preparation Services


Whether for business, personal, estate, or foreign reporting, preparing a tax return is more than numbers. Tax preparation is writing the narrative about your financial life in the past year. The return uses your facts and figures. How that information is presented can make a difference in your results.

There are rules, tax laws and IRS Regulations that govern what goes into tax preparation. Too often people overlook important matters that can make a difference. In our practice, we review each return to see if, after applying all the tools, laws, techniques, have you taken all the deductions that you are entitled to. We look to see if the final story make sense. We look for gaps and problems as well as making recommendations about resolving the issues.

The keys to a good return are accuracy and thoroughness in the process. In the Carlsbad & North County area, call us to discuss your personal situation to see how our approach can help you. We can be reached at 760.439.5616 or 760.518.5616



A best practice for individuals and business is to begin with the end in mind. If you know what your target is, you are better prepared to meet the requirements needed to support your tax return. Being in control of your taxes requires planning for estimated tax payments, business opportunities, purchases, depreciation, or expensing of items, and so much more.

For our team, tax planning means that at the start of your next tax year we are projecting ahead of the next twelve months. That way, when the return is filed, it is a true year-end report without surprises since you already did the work up front.




The critical part to any letter from the IRS or other tax agency is to respond appropriately. We encourage clients to contact us if they receive a notice. Under the law, if we represent the client, in most situations, that person does not have to go into the IRS, respond to questions or be directly involved in the process.

In addition, if the IRS is looking at the return, the state is also going to be watching. If the IRS succeeds with their audit and there is a change, it is best to respond to the state before they have a chance to start their own review of the same issue.



While there are many technical ways to explain audits, the plain truth is the IRS wants you to prove something to them. They want you to explain the story you told on your tax return. If it makes sense, and the rules were followed, the result is typically no change to the return. If there is a disagreement, and the IRS is correct, additional taxes, interest, and penalties are assessed.

That is why the story (your tax return) is so important. It is also why we want to be reasonably sure the positions on your return are defensible. If you are entitled to the deduction, we encourage people to take the deduction.

For our tax preparation clients, we offer a service to check the transcripts at the IRS to see if there is any activity that may raise a concern.

For more information about tax representation, give us a call.

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